ZardoZi, with Love

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An enchanting story starring 10-year-old Zi, who is learning to indulge in his curiosity for Zardozi, an intricate embroidery work. ZardoZi is a story that questions our gender norms.
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10-year old Zi is growing up in a fast metropolis in a world filled with rigid expectations. Everyone around him — his family, his friends, his neighbours — seems to have a say in who Zi should be. Surrounded by all this noise, Zi’s own voice remains stifled, yearning to break free. Will the sound of Zi’s soul ultimately come to the surface? Can he find the strength to ignore gender norms to embrace his authentic self? What is that authentic self?

ZardoZi is a heartwarming story that touches on history, identity, and the power of breaking free from societal norms. Finding oneself is a remarkable adventure, filled with surprises, challenges, and the joy of embracing ourselves. ZardoZi is all about that.


Written by Debasmita Dasgupta

What is this book about?

6 themes that ZardoZi explores

  1. How do societal norms and expectations shape the way we perceive ourselves and others, especially in terms of gender roles?
  2. What are the consequences of labeling certain activities, hobbies, or traits as "masculine" or "feminine," and how does this affect individuals' sense of self?
  3. How can children and young adults be empowered to embrace their authentic selves, even in the face of societal pressure?
  4. What role does family, community, and education play in either perpetuating or dismantling gender stereotypes?
  5. How can boys be encouraged to engage in creative endeavors traditionally associated with girls, and vice versa, while still feeling validated?
  6. In what ways can literature, art, and storytelling be used as tools to spark conversations and changes around gender equity, particularly for young audiences?
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